VMware Horizon 6 Lets you innovate faster than ever before. 6 reasons to choose VMware Horizon 6 over the competition
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Reason 1
1: Easier to Manage | Lower Cost Best VDI for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Horizon 6 includes an even tighter integration with the VMware SDDC, delivering consistency in management and usability as well as optimized use of physical resources: 27% 57% 26%
  • CAPEX savings
  • Less CPU power utilized during AV scans
  • Fewer IOPS during AV scans
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“By virtualizing our server and desktop estate with VMware, we’ve cut costs, dramatically simplified our IT infrastructure and transformed how we support over 1000 desktops in our service centre in Dublin.” Paul Bermingham, Staff Vice President, Information Technology Services, Hertz International

Reason 2
2: Increase Productivity | Improve SLAs Superior Visibility and Control with Closed Loop Management VMware closed-loop management provides cloud orchestration and self-service management, movement across data centers, and end-to-end visibility into the health and performance of the View environment. No other vendor offers anything comparable.

“vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon gives me ALL the data I need in one product. I can get all my specialists in the room at one time, and we get to the bottom of a problem. No more finger-pointing.” vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon customer

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Reason 3
3: Streamline Management | Support More Use Cases Central Image Management for Physical, Virtual, and BYOD VMware provides end-to-end image management and market-leading capabilities to dynamically move images across physical and virtual desktops and BYOD—from a single management console.

VMware Mirage includes support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 for physical and virtual desktops as well as BYOD support for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

“We felt VMware was the best solution, because it allowed us to keep using the same applications after upgrading the client OS, it reduced our man-hours, and it will improve the efficiency of application management moving forward” Junichi Kato, Manager, Systems Section, Systems Department, Corporate Administration Division, Metal One

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Reason 4
4: Predictable Costs | Elastic Resources Choice of On-Premises or Cloud Deployment VMware Horizon Air is a full-featured, reliable cloud service for delivering Windows desktops and applications to any device. Following a few simple steps, IT can provision, deploy, and manage high-quality, full Windows desktops to end users that can be accessed from laptops, desktops, zero or thin clients, Google Chromebooks, tablets (Apple iOS, Google Android), and mobile devices.

Unlike other offerings that only offer Windows Server or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments, VMware Horizon Air supports both types of desktops in addition to full Windows Client desktops—all at an affordable price point.
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“Modernizing desktop infrastructure gives our technology teams greater mobility and access to solutions that serve students and student-facing advisors,” said Claudiu Budurlean, director of IT, client-computing architecture, Apollo Education Group, Inc. “DaaS allows our IT organization to accelerate the adoption of a modern virtual desktop infrastructure in an efficient way...”

Reason 5
5: Higher End User Satisfaction | Lower Support Costs Workspace Aggregator Offering End Users More Choices VMware Horizon is the only end-to-end solution for delivering and managing desktops applications and online services to end users across virtual Data Centers, virtual machines and physical devices.

Horizon is vendor agnostic, allowing it to support the broadest set of application types in addition to virtual desktops:

  • Packaged applications – VMware ThinApp®
  • Web applications
  • SaaS
  • Microsoft RDSH
  • XenApp
  • VMware Hosted Applications
  • VMware Virtual Desktops
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“...VMware has been extremely successful in growing its end user computing suite of technologies and, based on Gartner’s evaluation criteria for [VDI], has become the technology leader.” Gunnar Berger, Research Director Gartner

Reason 6
6: Higher Productivity | Lower TCO Highest Customer Satisfaction and Best Value VMware is rated Number ONE in the Temkin Report’s Net Promoter scores of 54 vendors. This means VMware customers are much more likely to recommend VMware products than Citrix customers would recommend Citrix products.

Horizon’s all-in-one packaging provides the most value from one SKU and one vendor making it a clear choice for value conscious buyers.

“The success of the desktop virtualization project was made possible by the cooperation of VMware as a company, involving its people both here in Japan and at its U.S. headquarters. We have build a strong relationship of trust with them, and see them not just as a supplier, but as a reliable long-term partner.” Jun Nishii,
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
UFJ, Ltd.

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